It’s Time to Stop Doing Everything Alone


For too long we’ve all tried to “do it all.” But can we all just admit it’s impossible? Either you miss the little league game or you don’t respond to your client fast enough. The dream of work/life balance is only possible when you have a support team to make it happen behind-the-scenes.

Add to the usual client needs, the on-going demand for social media marketing in order to make sure that the next awesome clients know you exist – it’s downright overwhelming. All you really wanted to do was create amazing work for amazing people. Not become an Instagram algorithms guru, right?!


Enter Us – T&R Stock

Women who have been there. We were going it alone for a long time and sharing our woes with each other over Google Hangouts on a daily basis. Until we realized, as is true with life – Everything is better when you do it together.

We’re here to make the dream happen. Let us help you build that perfect Instagram grid or fill in the images you need for that helpful blog post. You can get back to living the real life – in all its favorite yoga, maybe haven’t showered, but cozied up on the couch with your puppy, glory.


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